What Cleaning Products do I Need to Clean a Washroom for my Business – See our List!

What Cleaning Products do I Need to Clean a Washroom for my Business – See our List! There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, your business washroom needs to be cleaned every night. The opportunity for bacteria to grow, smells to fester, and uncleanliness to boil over into other spaces in your business makes the washroom the most-needed room for cleaning products. Ensure you have the right essential commercial cleaning products on-hand to tackle even the most problematic of bathroom messes.


#1 – Multi-Surface Cleaner


Every small business washroom requires a heavy-duty surface cleaner. It’s the most effective way to get counters and mirrors looking like new, taking care of water spots, makeup spills, and any other messes. Washroom countertops, mirrors, and sinks can all be tackled with a multi-surface cleaner. The more natural, plant-based the better. All you need to do is spray, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe. No streaks, no fuss. Use a multi-surface cleaner to have mirrors and counters looking good as gold.


#2 – Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Microfiber cleaning cloths are the ultimate commercial cleaning resource for the bathroom and really, the whole office. Microfiber cloths easy take care of smudges with no spray required. Though they will need to be washed every few days, microfiber materials have won critical acclaim for an environmentally-friendly, no chemicals needed approach to cleaning parts of the office. In terms of any handles or surfaces prone to common touches, a microfiber cloth should come in handy.


#3 – Mops


Purchasing a mop or steam mop provides a quick, affordable way to tackle washroom floors which can get pretty dirty. The splatter that gets on the floor is sometimes the reason why a washroom can begin to smell. This makes mopping the floors a daily necessity. By having a sturdy mop, eliminate germs and grunge anywhere across the washroom floor. Thankfully, you have a wide range of mop products to consider, from more basic models to Swiffer disposables to a steam mop. All of these come with their pros and cons however it goes without saying that every business should have a high quality mop, mop bucket, and floor cleaner on-hand ready to use any time.


#4 – Disinfecting Wipes


If you’re looking for something that can do a quick wipe-and-toss, disinfecting wipes are where it’s at. Instead of using sponges or paper towel, a disinfecting wipe is able to wipe down a toilet from top to bottom easy. For a commercial cleaner who has four or more toilets to do within a building, wipes come in handy.


#5 – All-Purpose Grime Cleaner or Scrub


Showers can be found at gyms and select corporate complexes across the country. Using an all-purpose scrub, this provides a simple, fast way to wipe up any messes that may accumulate in the shower enclosure. Now, combine this with a nice bathroom or shower spray and you won’t need much else to get your shower smelling strong.


Clean your Washroom with these Supplies and others!


Though cleaning the bathroom is never going to be the best part of anyone’s shift, the germs aren’t going to clean themselves. Always ensure a regular cleaning schedule is assigned and that the right products are in stock. Depending on the size and needs of your washroom, you may wish to buy additional cleaning supplies such as mold remover, toilet cleaner, brushes, and scrubs. Browsing the Genesis Supplies eCommerce catalogue, you can find all of these commercial cleaning supplies and others.


By sticking to schedule, you should have no problem getting the bathroom shiny, sparkling, and clean. Shop small business and bathroom commercial cleaning supplies today with Genesis Supplies.

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