Base price: $4,995.00

With up to 80 minutes of run time, 5 gallon solution capacity and a powerful 36V Lithium Ion battery, the TGB 516NX is the professional choice in auto-scrubbers. It cleans all those tight areas that other auto-scrubbers can’t get into and is a labour saving upgrade from a mop and bucket.

Base price: $6,995.00

Compact & easy to transport

Base price: $6,995.00

With 8 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the TGB 817 is extremely compact, simple to use and easy to transport.

Base price: $8,295.00

With 11 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the TGB 1120 is compact, easy to transport and so easy to use, anyone can operate them.  

Base price: $11,795.00

The TGB1620T is a large capacity 20" scrubber built for the most demanding user.

Base price: $5,995.00