OneMop - Pole (only)


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THE ONEMOP® HANDLE IS A LIGHT-WEIGHT, CURVED, ERGONOMIC MOP POLE THAT ATTACHES DIRECTLY TO THE ONEMOP® BASE. Featuring a feather-weight, curved telescopic handle with a powder coated grip, the OneMop® Handle provides superior cleaning results on any surface - ceilings, walls and floors. The microfibre strip attaches to the bottom of the OneMop® Handle via velcro with no additional attachments required. With its outstanding maneuverability and ergonomic advantages, you can get into all those hard to reach and high areas with ease by just adjusting the handle, no more struggling or straining. Improve your employee cleaning results without adding any additional workload. Employee strain, pushing and lifting will be greatly reduced resulting in reduced worker injury, increased staff productivity and raised employee efficiency - while saving time, money and the environment The OneMop® Handle is ergonomically designed to clean larger areas in the same amount of time, thus increasing employee efficiently and reducing labor costs by up to 50%!