MB SANIGEL75% Hand Sanitizer 4L (NPN 80102479 - HEALTH CANADA APPROVED)


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To keep hands germ free, washing thoroughly with soap and water is recommended, however access to soap and water is not always available. At these times, hand sanitizer is the best option. Registered with Health Canada (NPN 80102479), MB Sanigel is made with 75% USP grade isopropyl alcohol, and contains a plant based thickener for viscosity and glycerine to moisturize. MB Sanigel kills harmful bacteria and germs in 30 seconds without the use of soap and water. * Ideal for pump dispensers * Viscosity of 1500-2000 compatible with most bulk dispensers * IPA level of 75% to meet higher alcohol level required by some businesses *USP grade isopropyl alcohol does not leave a residual smell Medicinal Ingredient: Isopropanol; 75% Ingr├ędient m├ędicinal: Alcool Isopropylique; 75%