GEN Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger


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A Portable Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger that delivers maximum productivity on smaller disinfecting jobs. Perfect for vehicle use, great for small office spaces or to spray shopping carts, gym/store equipment or even store shelves. 2 batteries included. Fogger Features: Superior atomization, high working efficiency Adjustable width of spray patterns Adjustable knob to regulate flow Removable head for easy cleaning Fogger Product Characteristics: Voltage : 18V Battery capacity: 2000mAh Rated Power : 120W Frequency: 50/60Hz Nozzle sizes : 1.0mm- 1.5mm Motor speed: 30000/min Disinfectant flow: 100-200ml/min Disinfectant capacity: 800ml Weight: 1.8kg-3.97lbs