Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Recycling Station 2 Stream Landfill/Mixed Recycling


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Hinged Lid - Durable, Heavy Duty - Resin - Black, Blue

This adaptable recycling solution offers a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality. Slim Jim Recycling Station includes two Slim Jim containers (23-gallon), billboards, hinged lids and lid frames, made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Intuitive lid openings help patrons and staff sort recyclables more effectively. Station provides better waste stream visibility by selecting waste stream labels for your facility's landfill and mixed recycling needs. Venting channels make removing liners up to 80 percent easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury. Bag cinches allow secure liners around the rim of the container and quick, knot-free liner changes. Hinging lid inserts are optimized to fit any size recyclable. Design allows simple, durable execution. Components snap in place without the use of hardware.